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8 Mar 2013

BNP2TKI asked the National Professional Certification (BNSP) published TKI nurse competency certification standards. Certification of standardized competencies needed migrant workers overseas nurses that they are safe, comfortable, and protected during the work. Now starting free cna classes is easy and can be a great way to enter into various medical profession. This was conveyed by the Director Mapping and Harmonization of Quality Overseas Workers II BNP2TKI Elijah Rosalina Mulyanto Sunityo to BNSP Control Commission and Tri Pusrengun Hernowo from the Ministry of Health in the Consignment Preparation Guidelines for Mapping, Padupadan and Harmonization of Quality Manpower Overseas Sector II, which BNP2TKI held in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, on Monday (4/3).

Elin, greeting familiar Rosalina Sunityo Elia, explains directorate led facilitate the prospective workers / workers in the health sector, hospitality, transportation, communications, trade, finance, and other services. So far TKI nurses working abroad using multiple certificates from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) and the Ministry of Health. Two products certified nurse workers, service workers confuse users nurses abroad. Yang desired service users Nurses overseas workers is a product certified nurse TKI one, he said.

Therefore, there are two products certified nurse workers, in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and some countries in the middle east, many workers feel unsafe nurses work. Even in Kuwait there are some workers that a female nurse with a taxi driver was forced to defend his life, being chased by officers. If not, the workers fled to the nurse’s office Embassy in Kuwait. Elin claimed to have six times the nurse to solve the problems migrant workers in Kuwait. Even to prove the conditions workers nurse he ever together officials from the Ministry of Health of Kuwait.

Information from the Singapore Embassy Consular Fachri Sulaiman, certified nurse competency workers in Singapore is a serious concern. Caregiver workforce needs in Singapore and this needs to be addressed seriously if migrants nurses anticipated did not want to compete with workers from other countries, including the Philippines.

There are currently no product CNA classes certification for workers of the agency nurses are recognized by the host country workers in the country despite Indonesia nurse competency certificate may be issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Health.Nurses in the case of migrant workers from Kuwait and Singapore, said Elin, it is important to sit together between BNSP, Kemendikbud, Ministry of Health, the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT), and other relevant agencies, to unify perception and opinion in order to produce a single product certificates issued TKI nurse competence.

We hope to BNSP sector as a leading publication in professional certification can be pioneered, said Elin. Most importantly, workers nurse competency certificate can be recognized in the international community so as to provide benefits and can save the children of the complainant with a TKI nurses working abroad, said Elin. Mulyanto said immediately discuss with the involvement of relevant agencies. BNSP get complaints about certified nurse workers but workers nurse competency certification issue involves other institutions.

So far the new BNSP issued to workers who work in sectors like household stylist (Housemaid). Put simultaneously request the doctor revealed that Elin is interesting and immediately there was the best solution for migrant workers, especially workers nurses, said Mulyanto. While Tri Hernowo said certificate issuance TKI nurses from the Ministry of Health addressed the Assembly Health Workers Indonesia (MTKI). So far for the certification of competence of nurses conducted on migrant workers migrant workers who work in foreign countries and inter-governmental schemes (Government to Government / G to G) in which included representatives from the Ministry of Health such as the placement of migrant workers in Japan nurses and midwives to Timor Leste.




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